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Marketing Video - Corporate Video Production

Our Services
Web design, web revisions, virtual ads, hard copy ad material, business consulting; we have the expertise to launch new businesses off the ground, or help your existing business reach the next level and beyond.  Please email [email protected] for a free quote.
  1. Web Design
    It is nearly imperative to have a web-site in today’s marketplace. Allow potential customers to find you and existing clients know you better; instilling complete confidence in your abilities, products and services.
  2. Video Advertising
    bmax inc creates effective and creative virtual ads. We will create a video ad for your company sure to grab the attention of potential clients, wherever it may pop up. bmax inc will find the ideal spots for your ads, directed toward your target market.
  3. Print Ad Development
    bmax inc can provide your company all the printable ad campaign materials it may need. From logo creation, business cards, postcards, event banners including table toppers to full exhibit booth backdrops, our professional design team will produce eye-catching material encouraging full attention to your business.
  4. Professional Ad Copy
    Once you’ve grabbed your audiences’ attention, keep it with professional ad copy. Instill confidence in your company’s abilities to meet or exceed potential clients’ expectations with well written material.
  5. Ad Specialty Items
    From promotional give-aways to full event displays, bmax inc can help you decide which promotional items are best for your upcoming events. Once selected, let our professional art team design and develop a display that will draw the most attention and get those potential clients to your booth.
  6. Web-Site Revision
    Not completely satisfied with your current web-site? Tired of waiting for your host company to make the requested changes? Whether simple changes to a complete overhaul, bmax inc can make the necessary changes in a timely manner. Free review of what we can do for you!
Available Video Services
  •  20 - 30 Second,  "Slow Your Scroll" Attention Grabbing Video (Examples below)
  • Service or Product Launch
  • Company Information
  • Staff Intro for Website
  • Testimonials for Website & Marketing
  • Speaker Reel
  • Product Description/Tutorial
  • Event Coverage

Marketing Videos

Print Ad Material

Logo Creation
Event Backdrops
Internet Ads
Business Cards
Marketing Packages

Don't have time to utilize the host of online and social media platforms?  bmax inc can do that for you.

From building your social media pages to regular and consistent posts, we have plans to meet virtually every advertising budget.  From the most basic, to the "go out and get all the business I could ever want" plans.  This includes target marketing, fence and geo marketing, email campaigns, television advertising and more.  Together, we will analyze your target market, your desired reach and your required results.

Media consumption has changed.  Television is no longer the be-all, end-all in advertising. 

Video marketing online gets 66% more qualified leads each year than any other form of advertising.  (Source:

500 million people watch Facebook videos every day totaling over 100 million hours of video watched in one day!  (Source:

Video on a landing page can increase conversion by 80% or more. (Source:

Contact us today to increase your online presence to increase your sales!

​​Ad Material

All other ad materials will depend on the complexity and an estimate for deposit amount and balance for finished product will be provided prior to beginning the project.

With over 30 years building marketing materials, you will be completely satisfied with your ad campaign, whether print, embroidered or digital!

​​bmax inc offers several marketing packages to meet your needs.  Depending on where your video will be placed, its intended purpose and a number of other factors will determine the package best suited for your needs.  The "stock" attention grabbing, scroll slowing videos of 30 seconds or less begin at $295.  A more in-depth, informational, web placed video will be priced according to length and content.  Contact us today for a package tailored just for you!​​

Email the information you would like included in your video to [email protected]

[email protected]