B Max Inc Productions.

Over 30 years of marketing experience.


B Max Inc Productions creates & produces customized video ads for online and social media marketing that will cause you and your customer to SLOW YOUR SCROLL!

In addition to video production and marketing, we also offer complete solutions for your print ad campaigns, ATL campaigns, and 360 degree web presence consulting – design, development, promotion and maintenance.

We help small to medium sized companies increase their sales by increasing their awareness where people will find them – scrolling thru social media. Affordable, creative and effective services to reach your target audience.

Our on-site services serve the Beaumont, TX, Golden Triangle and immediate surrounding areas

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About the founder

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Owner, Bonnie McMillen Revia, has been in the marketing industry since 1986.  Beginning her career in newspaper advertising, she quickly became familiar with the aesthetics of a nicely compiled print ad.  From there, Bonnie entered the commercial embroidery industry, becoming an embroidery digitizer in 1988.

After 10 years, Bonnie moved from Kansas City, MO to Orange, TX and opened her first business, B.MAX Digitizing & Embroidery, in 1998.  She continued her career of digitizing logos and artwork for her commercial embroidery customers.  These, in turn, worked with business owners, providing  embroidered garments for their promotional marketing campaigns.

Now, Bonnie McMillen Revia, operating as B Max Inc Productions in Silsbee, TX, and her creative team offer these marketing videos at a reasonable cost to business owners in Silsbee, Beaumont, Golden Triangle and immediate surrounding areas.  Several videos produced by B Max Inc Productions have also been created 100% remotely, making it possible to create marketing videos for companies any where in the world!  These videos become the sole property of the business owner, to be used wherever and however often and for however long they like. Teaming up with a host of marketing agencies, marketing packages of continual online presence are also available.

Working closely with these businesses whose operation was to promote companies of all kinds, Bonnie learned what was important to business owners in a wide variety of markets.  This has aided in her ability to customize marketing material individualized to each company B Max Inc Productions promotes. Focusing on video ads, B Max Inc Productions creates online and social media marketing videos that grab the attention of your customers to help increase your sales.

From newspapers to websites, the B Max Inc Productions team has worked with a variety of artists.  Together with these artists’ expert eye and knowledge, B Max Inc Productions can provide a smart and effective approach toward your entire scope of marketing.

Whether you are at the very beginning stage, have a business ready to step up to the next level, or already at the level you hope to maintain, B Max Inc Productions will provide your company with the exact materials necessary to achieve each and every goal you set forth.

One of the reasons I have enjoyed the marketing business so much for all these years is seeing so many businesses flourish. Knowing that I have had a hand in their success makes me feel good about what I can do, and I’m so happy for all those that I have been able to help grow their businesses.

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bmax inc productions is reliable and professional when it comes to our advertising needs. Bonnie has a remarkable ability to be able to translate what I tell her I am trying to communicate to my customer base and  applying it to postcards,  shipping pamphlets, brochures and bannners. We will continue to rely on bmax inc productions in the future.

Monty W.,
Ready Med Go, Beaumont, TX

Within one hour of bmax inc productions publishing an internet ad for us, we received an email for a new job. We are very pleased to continue to receive new  business from the ads and business cards they created for us, and look forward to the  completion of our website bmax inc productions is currently  developing. I highly recommend their services.

Ryan R.,
Revia Construction, Silsbee, TX
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bmax inc productions has helped us design a number of advertising materials including event backdrops and banners, post cards, print ads and video. Also, after having them make some much needed revisions to our website, we experienced a dramatic increase in business driven hits to our site. We will continue to use bmax inc productions for our advertising needs.

Tanya P.,
Medical Equipment Solutions, Beaumont, TX